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Vertical and Horizontal Property Management Program


Vertical Structure:


Depth in Specific Functionalities: In a vertical structure, the property administration program focuses on delving into specific management areas, such as accounting, maintenance, communication with owners, contract management, among others. Each of these areas has its own dedicated section or module in the program, allowing for detailed and specialized management of every aspect of property management.


Greater Specialization: By having a vertical structure, the program can be more specialized in the specific needs of farm management. For example, it can offer highly specialized features for managing rental contracts, payment tracking, or incident management, fully adapting to the requirements of the real estate sector.


Deepening the Data Hierarchy: The vertical structure allows for a deeper and more detailed data hierarchy. For example, in the accounting module, you can have subsections for overhead expenses, rental income, supplier payments, etc. This makes it easier to track and manage detailed financial information.


Horizontal Structure:


Breadth in General Functionalities: In contrast, a horizontal structure focuses on covering a wide range of general functionalities related to property management in a single system. Rather than delving into specific areas, this type of program attempts to cover all of your basic farm management needs in one place.


Flexibility and Versatility: The horizontal structure offers greater flexibility and versatility in terms of adaptation to different types of farms and specific requirements. It can be used for different types of properties, from neighborhood communities to residential or commercial complexes, without the need to make significant adjustments.


Less Specialization: By covering a wide range of functionalities, property management programs with a horizontal structure may lack the specialization that a vertical structure offers in specific areas. This may mean that some features may be less advanced or detailed compared to a specialized program.


In summary, the choice between a vertical and horizontal structure in a property management program depends on the specific needs of the management and the preferences of the company or community of owners. A vertical structure offers greater specialization and depth in specific areas, while a horizontal structure offers greater breadth and flexibility in terms of overall functionality.